DescriptionDate Issued     Download Link
Director Share Purchase26 Mar 2024download
Directorate Change25 Mar 2024download
Results of AGM08 Mar 2024download
Commencement of Trading27 Feb 2024download
Dual Listing A2X20 Feb 2024download
Posing of RA and Notice of AGM14 Feb 2024download
Appointment of Non-Executive Director14 Feb 2024download
Operations Update13 Feb 2024download
Audited Accounts for the 18 Months Ended 30 September 202301 Feb 2024download
Allotment of Second Tranche Shares to Q Global Commodities12 Dec 2023download
Sustainability Operations Update12 Dec 2023download
Resource Expansion Drill Program Tender Underway01 Dec 2023download
Appointment of Regional Manager30 Nov 2023download
Director Share Purchase29 Nov 2023download
Director Shareholding29 Nov 2023download
Additional Subscription10 Nov 2023download
First Day of Dealings9 Nov 2023download
Results of GM1 Nov 2023download
Posting of Prospectus5 Oct 2023download
Resignation of Joint Company Secretary4 Oct 2023download
Approval & Publication of Prospectus2 Oct 2023download
Extended Reporting Period7 Sep 2023download
Notice of AGM23 Aug 2023download
3.5 Million Pounds Strategic Investment Underwrites Re-Listing22 Jun 2023download
Corporate Update22 Mar 2023download
Interim Results for the Six-Month Period Ended 30 September 202229 Dec 2022download
Final Results 30 Sep 2022download
Corporate Update 26 Jul 2022download
Update 29 Aug 2021download
Final Results 1 Aug 2021download
Potential Acquisition Update & Directorate Change8 Apr 2021download
Interim 26 Feb 2021download
Results of AGM 24 Sep 2019download
Final Reports and Accounts 19 Sep 2019download
Heads of Terms to Acquire Two Companies 9 Aug 2019download
Final Results 31 Jul 2019download
2nd Possible Acquisition 4 Apr 2019download
Possible Acquisition 3 Apr 2019download
Update 19 Mar 2019download
Interim Results 24 Dec 2018download
Final results 21 Dec 2018download
Interim Results15 Dec 2017download
Possible Acquisition 29 Aug 2017download
AGM Proxy28 Aug 2017download
Notice of AGM 28 Aug 2017download
Result of AGM 28 Aug 2017download
Results27 Jul 2017download
Director Dealing22 Feb 2017download
Placing of Further Shares 15 Jan 2017download
First Day of Dealings13 Jan 2017download